Is Sydney Bigger Than Singapore?

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When it comes to comparing cities, size is often a factor that sparks curiosity. In this blog post, we delve into the comparison between Sydney and Singapore, two vibrant cities that boast their own unique characteristics. While both cities have their distinct charm, we will explore whether Sydney is indeed bigger than Singapore based on key statistical indicators.


Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales in Australia, has a population of approximately 5,259,764 residents. On the other hand, Singapore, a sovereign island city-state in Southeast Asia, has a slightly higher population of 5,637,000 people. Although Singapore surpasses Sydney in terms of population, it’s worth noting that both cities are bustling cosmopolitan centers attracting people from all walks of life.

Sydney vs Singapore Population


When it comes to land area, Sydney covers a vast expanse of approximately 3,056,125.2264 acres. In contrast, Singapore spans a smaller area, covering around 181,449.48 acres. It’s evident that Sydney, with its larger landmass, offers more room for expansion and diverse geographical features. However, Singapore has ingeniously maximized its limited land resources to become a global city renowned for its urban planning and efficiency.

Sydney vs Singapore Land area

Population Density

Population density provides insights into the level of crowding within a city. Sydney, with its population spread over a larger area, has a population density of approximately 433 individuals per square kilometer. Singapore, with its higher population concentrated in a smaller land area, boasts an impressive population density of around 7,804 individuals per square kilometer. The stark difference in population density highlights the contrasting urban landscapes of the two cities.

StateArea (acres)populationPopulation Density (KM2)

Is It Better To Live In Sydney Or Singapore

1. Cost of Living:

  • Singapore generally has a higher cost of living compared to Sydney. Housing, transportation, and daily expenses tend to be more expensive in Singapore.

2. Climate:

  • Sydney has a temperate climate with distinct seasons, including warm summers and mild winters.
  •  Singapore has a tropical climate characterized by high humidity and consistent temperatures throughout the year.

3. Career Opportunities:

  • Both cities are major financial and business hubs, offering numerous job opportunities. Singapore is often considered a global business and financial center, while Sydney is known for its diverse industries and strong economy.

4. Cultural Diversity:

  • Both Sydney and Singapore are culturally diverse cities. Sydney’s diversity stems from its rich history of immigration, while Singapore’s population is a mix of various ethnicities and cultures.

5. Quality of Life:

  • Both cities offer a high quality of life with excellent healthcare, education, and infrastructure. Singapore is known for its cleanliness and efficient public transportation, while Sydney boasts beautiful natural scenery and outdoor activities.

6. Education and Healthcare:

  • Both cities have reputable education and healthcare systems. Sydney has a number of renowned universities, while Singapore is also known for its strong education system.

7. Recreation and Entertainment:

  • Sydney offers a wide range of recreational activities due to its beaches, parks, and cultural attractions. Singapore has its own attractions, including Sentosa Island, Gardens by the Bay, and a vibrant culinary scene.

8. Language:

  • English is the primary language spoken in both cities, which can make it easier for expats and visitors to communicate.

9. Proximity to Other Destinations:

  • Sydney’s location in Australia provides easy access to diverse natural landscapes, including beaches, mountains, and the outback.
  • Singapore’s central location in Southeast Asia allows for relatively convenient travel to neighboring countries.

Is Sydney Bigger Than Singapore

In conclusion, while Sydney has a slightly lower population compared to Singapore, it covers a significantly larger land area. The expansive nature of Sydney allows for a diverse range of environments and opportunities for growth. On the other hand, Singapore, despite its smaller size, manages to accommodate a higher population density through efficient urban planning and effective land utilization. Both cities have their own unique charm, offering residents and visitors distinctive experiences and cultural richness.

As we’ve explored the statistical indicators of population, land area, and population density, it becomes clear that the notion of “bigger” is subjective. Sydney’s vast land area showcases its natural beauty and potential, while Singapore’s compact size highlights its urban efficiency and ingenuity. Ultimately, the choice between the two cities depends on personal preferences and the lifestyle one seeks.

Whether you prefer the grandeur of Sydney’s beaches and expansive landscapes or the dynamic efficiency of Singapore’s urban metropolis, both cities have their own allure and are worth exploring. The decision lies in the hands of those seeking adventure, opportunity, and a place to call home.

So, which city would you choose? The vast wonders of Sydney or the compact marvels of Singapore? The choice is yours to make.

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