Is Brisbane Airport Bigger Than Sydney Airport?

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Airports play a crucial role in connecting people and facilitating the movement of goods across the globe. In this blog post, we will compare Brisbane Airport and Sydney Airport, two major airports in Australia, to determine their size, passenger traffic, number of airlines, runway configurations, and overall facilities. Let’s dive into the details to see how these airports measure up against each other.

Is Brisbane Airport Bigger Than Sydney Airport

Yes Brisbane airport is bigger than Sydney airport. Brisbane airport has a land size of 6,700 acres while Sydney airport spans a land area of 2,241 acres.

Passenger Traffic

Brisbane Airport, with an impressive passenger traffic of 23.6 million plus, has emerged as a bustling hub for travelers. On the other hand, Sydney Airport, although a significant airport, boasts a slightly lower passenger traffic figure of 13 million. This indicates that Brisbane Airport handles a larger number of passengers, highlighting its significance as a major transportation hub.

Number of Airlines

When it comes to the number of airlines operating at these airports, Sydney Airport takes the lead with 40 airlines serving its terminals. Brisbane Airport, while slightly behind, still offers an extensive network of 36 airlines. Both airports provide a diverse range of options for travelers, ensuring connectivity to various domestic and international destinations.

Runway Configurations

Brisbane Airport features two runways, each with different lengths. The first runway spans 3,300 meters, while the second runway measures 3,560 meters in length. These runways are strategically designed to accommodate a range of aircraft sizes and facilitate efficient takeoffs and landings. In comparison, Sydney Airport has a single runway measuring 3,962 meters in length. This runway’s length enables it to handle larger aircraft and supports smooth operations.

Airport Area

When it comes to the total area covered by the airports, Brisbane Airport boasts a sprawling landmass of 6,700 acres. Its expansive size allows for future development and expansion, ensuring it can cater to the growing demands of air travel. Sydney Airport, while still significant, covers a slightly smaller area of 2,241 acres. The difference in land area might influence the airports’ capacities and potential for future growth.


Both Brisbane Airport and Sydney Airport offer a wide range of facilities to enhance the travel experience for passengers. These include spacious terminals, retail outlets, dining options, lounges, and duty-free shopping areas. Additionally, both airports prioritize passenger convenience by providing car rental services, taxi stands, public transportation access, and ample parking facilities.

In conclusion, Brisbane Airport and Sydney Airport are both significant airports in Australia, but they differ in several aspects. Brisbane Airport surpasses Sydney Airport in terms of passenger traffic and the number of airlines operating within its premises. Additionally, Brisbane Airport features two runways of different lengths, allowing for versatile aircraft operations. However, Sydney Airport boasts a larger runway, which can accommodate larger aircraft. The land area covered by Brisbane Airport is also larger, providing potential for future expansion. Overall, both airports prioritize passenger satisfaction by offering a range of facilities and amenities.

Whether you’re planning to fly into or out of Brisbane or Sydney, both airports strive to deliver a seamless travel experience, connecting you to your desired destinations efficiently.

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